Meet the Team


Adrianne is our front office “Wonder Woman,” and during the 10 years that she has been in our office, Adrianne has built lasting relationships with our patients. If you have a question, she will have the answer and is always willing to help. If we have a team captain, Adrianne is it. She calls herself the “treatment coordinator,” but she really does everything in the front office and knows what is going on in the complex, ever-changing insurance world. Adrianne is always happy and has an easy laugh that is infectious. It is a pleasure just being around her. Adrianne can brighten any day.

On her days off, Adrianne is Wonder Grandma to the most beautiful little girls ever.


Elizabeth teamed up with Dr. Crowley in 2000. Besides being a certified dental assistant, she has had professional experience as a lifeguard, emergency medical technician, volunteer firefighter, and massage therapist. Elizabeth is highly trained and ready for anything. She is kind of our ninja warrior in the office. We feel safer when she is around.

Elizabeth has lived in the Reno area all her life. She loves people and is about as friendly as they come. When she’s not saving the world, Elizabeth enjoys spending time with her family and friends, hiking, gardening, cooking, reading, and the arts.


Jannette completed dental hygiene school here in Reno in 2009. She is one of the best dental hygienists we have ever known. Her clinical skills are nothing short of amazing. Jannette has such a kind and gentle demeanor, it is easy to relax and know you are in good hands. Having started in our office in 2017, Jannette is new to us, but she has fit right in since day one. We love her and hope she will stay forever.

When Jannette is not dazzling our patients at the office, she is busy at home with her family and children: cooking up delicious meals and throwing fun parties for her kids. Jannette also is very active and loves getting out for some exercise in the great outdoors. 


Maria joined our team in 2014. Since she’s the “baby” in the family, we all love her and think she is the best ever. Maria is everywhere doing everything. Like the Tasmanian devil, she is a whirlwind. Maria can do everything in the office, including fixing our computer software issues. Besides being the comedian in the office, Maria also speaks Spanish and is great with children.

On her days off, Maria is busy with her family and children. She ran in the Tough Mudder last year, which did not surprise us at all. One more thing checked off her bucket list!